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Can I travel to the UK before the date on my visa application?

They will usually make your visa valid from the date you put on the application, so you can't travel before this date unless they have put an earlier date on your visa, such as the date it was issued. It is not valid for entry before that date.

What documentation is required to show adequate spousal accomodation?

In addition to proving that you have adequate income to support a family, a family visa application must also include proof that the accomodation is adequate. You will need to provide details of the place you will live and any proof necessary to show they have permission to live there (from a landlord etc.)
  • Land registry (deed) documents to show ownership
  • Mortgage statements
  • Rent book or tenancy agreement
  • Council tax statements
  • Property
  • ...

What documents do I need as evidence or proof of relationship?

​Due to the number of fake relationships and marriages that the Home Office has dealt with, they do require evidence that you are truthfully in a relationship. Along with a fiancé or spouse application for a visa, you will need to provide as much of the following evidence as you can:
  • Photos
  • Air Fares
  • Emails
  • Skype/Facetime or other similar app’s chat history
  • Phone Bills
  • Or other types of billing or receipts that can prove that you are
  • ...

How to Apply for UK Spouse Visa from USA

We highly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the entire process and documents needed before you submit your online application because once you do, you start a clock and only have a limited amount of time to finish the subsequent steps.  If you miss the deadline, you'll have to apply from the beginning again including paying a second time.  

Thanks to Aquila for this comprehensive list.

What are the necessary documents needed for ILR?

All the documents you require are listed clearly on the application form. It's much easier than your previous visa with less documents required. ILR is rarely refused, unless you don't qualify for it (i.e. you haven't taken the Life in the UK test or have not reached 2 years in the UK before you apply). The basics:
  • your passport and passport photo
  • your spouse's passport (or full photocopy of) and passport photo
  • Life in the UK test pass certificate
  • your
  • ...

What are the steps for a UK Fiancé Visa?

A fiance visa must be applied for from outside the UK and the fee as of April 2015 is £956. The earliest you can apply is 3 months before you wish to travel to the UK. You can ask for the visa to be post-dated by up to 3 months (the application will ask for your travel date and the date you put will be when the visa is made valid from - this date cannot be more than 3 months ahead of the date you apply online).
  • Gather up all your documents - financial requirement documents, accommodation...
  • What documents do I need to be able to prove that I or my partner meets the earning requirement?

    If the sponsors income on it own meets the financial requirements the you need only the sponsors financial evidence. If you need to combine your income to meet the financial requirements then both of you need to include your financial documents.
    • 6 months of payslips
    • 6 months of corresponding bank statements showing the pay deposits in your account
    • a letter from the employer stating the length of employment, position, current salary, if you're full time, etc
    • ...

    What is the minimum income requirement for the UK family visa?

    In July of 2012, the new family migration rules were changed to set the minimum income requirement for one applicant's sponsor (usually the spouse/partner) to be an annual gross earning of £18,600. For the first child applicant, an additional £3800 is required. For any additional children, an additional £2400 is required for each. If the visa status of the partner or spouse does not permit them to work, they would have no income. If the applicant's Sponsor is in receipt of Disability benefits (...

    British Citizenship and Good Character/Criminality

    In December 2012, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) changed the rules relating to good character when applying for naturalisation. Previously, convictions spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act need not be disclosed. However, it is now the case that all convictions or character issues must be disclosed on the application form.

    Family Migration Financial Evidence Checklist

    UK Family Visa Financial Evidence List

    The required financial evidence for UK Family Visas must be in the name of the applicant's partner, the applicant or both, as appropriate and original documents (not copies) unless otherwise specified.

    For employment-related earnings, bank statements covering the period(s) of employment relied upon must be provided.

    For non-employment income, only those bank statements which show the income being relied upon must be provided.


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