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Advocacy Appeal: New Immigration Rules Contradict Government Domestic Violence Strategy

The Immigration and Law Practitioners Association (ILPA) have issued a press release regarding the new UKBA immigration rules that will come into effect from 6 April, 2011: "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY? DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: UK BORDER AGENCY’S NEW IMMIGRATION RULES WHOLLY AT ODDS WITH HOME OFFICE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN STRATEGY

Just Visiting the UK?

Tourists/visitors from the United States usually do not need Advance Entry Clearance, also called a Visitor Visa. Be aware that as a visitor to the UK, it is against a violation of the terms of your visit visa to do any work or look for work.

If you have previously been refused a Visa, if you have previously been refused entry into the United Kingdom, or if you have a criminal record you will need to apply for a Visit Visa before you wish to travel to the UK.

UK Visas & Immigration

UK Immigration is pretty simple and to the point, you may not need a lawyer. You can do the paperwork yourself if it is an uncomplicated situtation (such as for fiance and spousal visas).

There are several different ways of emigrating to the UK, and finding the right one for you can get complex, so make sure you do all your research before you buy your ticket!

What do I do? I lost my American passport with my visa inside!

(Note: This advisory is for UK residents only, if you are just travelling in the UK, and will not be here for 15 business days, or approximately a month, you will more than likely need to apply for

Mandatory Ban for Overstayers in the UK


The following is an UPDATE to UK-Yankee's original Advisory regarding overstayers and the new policies coming into effect. Please pay special attention to the new dates included in this update.

New Biometric Requirements for US-Based Visa Applicants!

Starting on 3 December 2007, all applicants for UK visas in the US will have to submit biometrics as part of the visa application process. The biometric data collected will consist of fingerprints (scanned electronically) and a digital photograph. This is a requirement for a UK visa and without biometrics the application will not be accepted. There is no extra fee for biometric collection.  

So you want to move to the UK!

Online or long distance relationships are becoming ever more common but there are hurdles to the happily ever after life in the UK. While everyone would like to be able to just fly over and set up house with their special other, there are certain routes you must follow. This advisory hopes to make clear the main options for Americans to live legally in the UK with their loved one.

Which Queue For You?

Which line should be used if a person has entry clearance or a leave to remain stamp (aka a visa or a residence permit)?

Important Reminders for Visa Holders traveling between the UK and the Republic of Ireland

Numerous questions have arisen regarding travel between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland (ROI).


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