What documentation is required to show adequate spousal accomodation?

In addition to proving that you have adequate income to support a family, a family visa application must also include proof that the accomodation is adequate. You will need to provide details of the place you will live and any proof necessary to show they have permission to live there (from a landlord etc.)

  • Land registry (deed) documents to show ownership
  • Mortgage statements
  • Rent book or tenancy agreement
  • Council tax statements
  • Property inspection report
  • Utility bills
  • Letter from landlord to show the additional persons have permission to stay there

The property must be owned or occupied by or contain areas (such as a bedroom) for the exclusive use of the couple and will not cause overcrowding. Overcrowding is determined by whether two people over ten years old and of the opposite sex must sleep in the same room, and also by the number of people per room. 1

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