About Us

UK Yankee was begun in the winter of 1999, a site like this could not be found, and the founder wanted to help others, who like herself, had questions to ask about this expat adventure. You can view the first (scary) version of the website on it's freebie website as it was indexed in 2000 by the Wayback Machine.

After a decade on the web, there are hundreds of active members, a diverse community of all ages and abilities. UK Yankee has tens of thousands of vistors per month, hundreds of thousands of page views and is partially funded by advertising and donations.

The friendly nature of the community is due to our forum moderators and long term members who have also given so much of themselves to help new members, and make the forum a great place to "hang out".

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UK Yankee is a resource and community for expatriate Americans living in or planning to move to the UK, established in 1999. Please join the discussions in our friendly expat community.