UK Visas & Immigration Questions

(How) Can I Move to the UK?

The UK has strict rules about immigration and visa procedures, much like many other countries. Whether you can move to the UK depends on if you qualify for one of the possible UK Visas:
  • do you have an ancestral right?
  • do you have family, spouse or fiancé in the UK?
  • do you have a job offer in the UK?
  • do you wish to study in the UK?
  • are you wealthy?
  • are you starting a business that will employ others?
If you answered "yes" to...

What if my husband, wife or spouse cannot attend the visa appointment with me?

If your spouse cannot/does not attend your visa appointment with you, they must write a letter in support of your application. The spouse support letter should be clear and concise, stating all of the necessary information for the visa, without lengthy or confusing rambling. It would also be wise to include a list of the evidence and documents you're sending. There is a good example of a spousal visa support letter in the internet archive (past copies of websites which may no longer exist) of...

When should I book my appointment/send application for the next step in my visa process?

You will be able to book your appointment date for 28 days before your visa expires or 28 days before the day of arrival if a spousal visa. You must apply before your visa expires. You will need to check the appointment booking system earlier for available dates as they have booked in the region of two months in advance. See Border Agency information below: Apply to remain in the UK with Family Apply to settle in the UK - ILR Extending your Tier 2 Work Visa

What is the minimum income requirement for the UK family visa?

In July of 2012, the new family migration rules were changed to set the minimum income requirement for one applicant's sponsor (usually the spouse/partner) to be an annual gross earning of £18,600. For the first child applicant, an additional £3800 is required. For any additional children, an additional £2400 is required for each. If the visa status of the partner or spouse does not permit them to work, they would have no income. If the applicant's Sponsor is in receipt of Disability benefits (...

What are the old/new family migration rules, what's the difference?

In July of 2012, the Home Office brought in new family visa rules to try to reduce immigration numbers. Under the old rules, there was no official minimum income requirement, but you needed to show approximately £112 left per week after rent and council tax. This money could come from anywhere and you only needed to provide 3-6 months of payslips and bank statements. Under the new rules, the minimum income requirement for one applicant is £18,600. For the first visa, only the UK citizen's...

What documents do I need to be able to prove that I or my partner meets the earning requirement?

If the sponsors income on it own meets the financial requirements the you need only the sponsors financial evidence. If you need to combine your income to meet the financial requirements then both of you need to include your financial documents.
  • 6 months of payslips
  • 6 months of corresponding bank statements showing the pay deposits in your account
  • a letter from the employer stating the length of employment, position, current salary, if you're full time, etc
  • ...

What are the steps for a UK Fiancé Visa?

A fiance visa must be applied for from outside the UK and the fee as of April 2015 is £956. The earliest you can apply is 3 months before you wish to travel to the UK. You can ask for the visa to be post-dated by up to 3 months (the application will ask for your travel date and the date you put will be when the visa is made valid from - this date cannot be more than 3 months ahead of the date you apply online).
  • Gather up all your documents - financial requirement documents, accommodation...
  • Can I apply for UK citizenship before I enter UK?

    No. You have to show that you were in the UK for exactly three years prior to the date that you apply. You cannot apply before you have been in the UK for at least 3 years. The application date is believed to be the day after you mail it, so if you send it on the first of the month, the application date is the 2nd. It can take a few months to process and it is advised not to travel during this time. After processing it can take a few weeks to have your citizenship ceremony. You must also have a...

    Do I need a passport photo of my spouse for my Fiance/Spousal Visa application?

    You don't actually need a passport photo of your spouse for the initial fiance or spousal visa application, but you do need one for FLR (M) and ILR , so it's something to be aware of for future applications.

    What are the necessary documents needed for ILR?

    All the documents you require are listed clearly on the application form. It's much easier than your previous visa with less documents required. ILR is rarely refused, unless you don't qualify for it (i.e. you haven't taken the Life in the UK test or have not reached 2 years in the UK before you apply). The basics:
    • your passport and passport photo
    • your spouse's passport (or full photocopy of) and passport photo
    • Life in the UK test pass certificate
    • your
    • ...


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