'Incredible impact' of sham marriage law

A woman has been jailed for setting up scam marriages to help Indian men skip immigration procedures. Jaswinder Gill, 41, from Hayes, west London, is the latest in a long list of people convicted for setting up marriages of convenience. ... Registrars say the drop in the number of foreign nationals giving notice to marriage is already "nothing short of remarkable" and will have "a very significant impact" on the number of bogus marriages - estimated by the Home Office as up to 15,000 a year. ... Registrars' spokesman Mark Rimmer said: "In some areas, particularly in London, it's looking like an 80% decrease of which a good proportion will have been bogus marriages. ... "We'll have to wait and see but it looks as though it will make an incredible difference." ... But they had been introduced to "avoid disruption of genuine marriages while providing firm controls to prevent abuse", she said. Extract from the BBC site:

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