November 2004

Green Bean Casserole

A holiday staple in my family, this Campbell's Green Bean casserole recipe is easy to make and very tasty!

Home Office creates new advisory board

As part of the Government's work to ensure that migrants who settle legally in the UK can properly integrate into British society, Immigration Minister, Des Browne today announced a new board, the Adv

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing/Dip Mix

Makes 42 1 Tbsp. servings. Stores at room temp. for 1 year.

Cranberry Souffle

A lovely holiday souffle.

Polite, eccentric, aloof, patriotic free spirits

''Fifty years from now,'' [Major] said, ''Britain will still be the country of long shadows on county grounds, warm beer, invincible green suburbs, dog lovers and pool fillers and – as George Orwell s

Pumpkin Cake

This is a family favorite at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I try to make several and give them as gifts.

Cooking time: 

1 hour

Will my immigration status be affected if I leave my violent husband? Who can I go to for advice?

There are several agencies who can advise women about immigration and financial issues with relation to domestic violence (see the bottom of this page).

Project Semaphore Roll Out begins this year (2004)

Be careful peeps! Overstaying is no longer an option. Lying to the IO is quickly on its way to extinction! Extracts from the press release...

MPs back Civil Partnerships, reject "wrecking" amendment

The House of Commons voted to back the Civil Partnership bill last night, whilst simultaneously rejecting a Conservative amendment viewed by many as a "wrecking tactic".

Thanksgiving Stuffing

Normally used to stuff an 18 lb turkey.


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