Tin Roof Sundae Pie




This is very easy to make, you don't have to bake anything.

Preparation time: 

15 minutes


1⁄4 cup maple syrup
3 cups peanut butter (to taste)
5 cups corn flakes
1 carton vanilla ice cream
1 whipped cream
1 chocolate sauce
1 package peanuts (salted or unsalted)


Mix Corn Flakes, maple syrup and peanut butter together, the peanut butter an syrup are just adhesives that hold the corn flakes together. Stir it until you can make a ball out of the mixture (do not stir so much you make a dough material, the corn flakes need to stay semi-crunchy). Take the mixture and shape it into a pie pan, this will be your crust for the pie, you can it kind of thick. Then put your ice cream on top (this is your pie filling) Shape the ice cream so that it is smooth on the top (no bumps). If you are serving right away added the whip topping and chocolate sauce on the top (like you would if you were making an icecream sundae) and the peanuts (you can crush the peanuts if you want). If you aren't serving right away, put the corn flake mixture and ice cream pie base in the freezer and serve with the toppings when ready.


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