Driving Questions

What are the seat belt laws in the UK?

In the UK, passengers in the back seat must wear seatbelts as well as those in the front seat. The person liable for failure to wear seatbelts is the driver. You can be fined up to £500. https://www.gov.uk/seat-belts-law/overview If a vehicle registration (V5 / logbook) states that a vehicle seats 4 passengers, you cannot seat any additional people. If you do and you get into an accident, your insurance is invalid! If you are caught by the police, you could get points against your license for...

What are the rules about driving with mobile phones in the UK?

Driving while using a mobile (cell phone) or other communication device is illegal, can result in a fine and penalty points against your licence. Even if you're stopped in traffic . You must be parked to use a phone in your vehicle. Use a handsfree kit if needed and only push buttons while it's in the cradle . http://www.roadsafetyni.gov.uk/index/faqs/faqs-mobilephones.htm The automatic penalty is 3 points against your license and £100 fine. (If you have a new license and you get 6 points in...

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