Superbowl at Wahoo Oxford


Sunday, 3 February, 2013 - 21:00
A time to gorge on meat off of the bone (our food menu on the night consists of Pig, a lot of Pig). A time to be proud to be able to 'WOOOOOOOO' and chest bump the person next to you. A time to drink Budweiser and Coors. A time to embrace. This is the third year that we'll be hosting the Superbowl with support from the Oxford Brookes Panthers and each year has been a grade A night. So, readjust your sleeping pattern and pop down to see us. Door's will be opening at 9pm, all of the screens will be tuned into the game, we'll be open until the final whistle (and that could well be 6am), the tables have a tendency to get snapped up quickly so get here early. Food served until 3am. American Beer from £2. http://www.wahoobars.co.uk/oxford/whats-on/


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