Roadkill Chili Cookoff for Charity


Saturday, 6 October, 2012 - 12:00

On Saturday the 6th of October (15th of September), the Maltby St. Market will be hosting a Roadkill Chili Cookoff!

We are seeking teams to compete for prizes (and pride) and help raise money for charity.

Entries are limited to 6 teams (you can have as many members of your team as you wish) and dishes will be scored by the public on attributes like taste, heat, and use of roadkill.

In order to secure a spot, please visit (http://maltbystmarket.com/) where there should shortly be appearing a paypal link and paying the £25 entry fee will secure your spot. 

The £25 fee will go toward the purchase of the ‘Roadkill’ aspect of the chilli (this will be provided by Cornish Grill and be some variety of game to be included in your chilli). We are looking to raise £1,500 for Habitat for Humanity in Africa but selling tickets on the day for £5 each, so targeting approx 300 people!

If you are not familiar with Maltby St Market, it is one of London’s hidden foodie gems. It has been reported on in most major publications (Guardian, Time Out, NBC News and Independent to name a few) and is attracting an increasing crowd every week.

Maltby Street Market is a short walk from London Bridge tube station.

There are no parking restrictions on Saturday.


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