US Tax Filing Deadline 15th of June

You have to file a US Tax Return, but you don't need to pay $600 to do it! Greenback Tax Services is a specialist US Income Tax Return Preparer. The company has contracted with experienced accountants and CPA's to quickly and professionally prepare Federal and State Income Tax Returns for US Expats around the world.   
David McKeegan a company director said: "Especially now given the poor economy it is important for people to have an affordable and reliable tax preparers complete their tax returns. At Greenback Tax Services we provide a professional, accurate and hassle-free tax prep service at a fair price." UK Yankee charter members can now receive a discount of $25 off the already low price of $249.99. Just visit and use the coupon code at checkout and you will automatically receive $25 off. Better hurry as the June 15th deadline is approaching quickly!  


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