UK-Yankee© expresses concern over continued obstruction to family life in the UK.

As the Borders Bill is awaiting Lords and the Illegal Working consultation is underway, UK-Yankee© is expressing concern over the many biometric controls included within each. Most worrying is the possibility for electronic tagging of legal immigrants and their British spouses, particularly as it is unclear under just what circumstances it might be applied. It is not sufficient to state that a person could be tagged if it were thought necessary. Before the Borders Bill clears Lords, it is hoped that at the very least this would be further defined to keep the power from being used irresponsibly. Another point of concern revolves around the biometric identity cards that would be required of all foreign nationals by next year. The idea that someone could be stopped in the streets to prove their legitimate immigration status is racially divisive and further hinders the average legal immigrants struggle to assimilate. In addition, the proposals laid out in the consultation on Illegal Working may actually engender further discrimination as employers, fearful of nearly unlimited fines for employing illegal immigrants, choose not to employ immigrants at all. While changes need to be made to ensure that all workers are doing so legally, it is hoped that the policies can do this in a manner that won't cause further discrimination for those following the rules and working within the system. UK-Yankee© is striving to see a firm statement regarding the value of family immigrants, a category that seems to be overlooked at times. Families are an important piece of the immigration puzzle and make many positive contributions to UK society. The measures put in place to prevent illegal working or other abuses of the immigration system have a negative impact on those families wishing to settle legally. Many of these families include children which would make up the next generation work-force and continue the positive contribution immigrants make. UK-Yankee© is an organization of more than 5000 members, primarily North Americans either settled in or in the process of immigrating to the UK. The UK-Yankee© internet forum can be found at

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