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North American Indie Films at Raindance 2012, London

The Raindance Film Festival, Europe’s leading independent film festival and the only such event in the UK at which films can gain Oscar nominations, returns to London between the 26th September and 7th October!

American Expats and Obamacare

What should American expatriates know about Obamacare?

5 Travel Tips for US Expats in the UK

You've gotten your UK visa and are now resident in the UK, here are five expat travel tips to keep in mind when you're setting off on a holiday abroad or visiting your family and friends back home.

1. Dual national children/adults need both their US AND UK passports to travel from the UK to America and back.

Top 7 Tax Tips for US Expat Taxpayers

This article is merely an overview of an overwhelming amount of US expat tax information. 

US Expat Tax Payer Tip 1

The Great Pumpkin Source 2012

Autumn is close and it's not too early to start to planning where to get your pumpkin for those tasty pies and cakes! We have a list of the places where tinned pumpkin has been found in the past years as noted on our discussion forum, Twitter and Facebook networks. Or you could make your own pumpkin puree.


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