May 2009

25 Questions U.S. Expatriates MUST Ask to Choose the RIGHT Professional to Manage Expat Taxes

The Internet super-highway opens up marvelous opportunities for expatriates to harvest expat tax advice and information from some of the greatest minds at reasonable prices from anywhere in the world. But it also emphasizes a crucial question: How do you know whom to trust? Sharing your intimate, personal financial information with a stranger is problematic at best.  
Here are 25 questions to help any expat choose a tax and financial professional you can trust.

Book: "Septic's Companion" by Chris Rae

Through reading his website blog, I became a fan of Mr Rae's writing before I touched this book. I was pleased to find the same tongue in cheek humor. Septic's Companion has two major features, the first being a short and sweet guide to British culture and then an A-Z dictionary of British terms. The features may not be 100% accurate but they are 110% entertaining. The book is written from the point of view of Brit living in Seattle, aimed at Americans.


US Tax Filing Deadline 15th of June

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