Expatriate Resources

Patak's Indian Recipes

A collection of Indian recipes to accompany the popular cooking sauces.

MyUS.com US mail and Packaging forwarding

Package & Mail Forwarding MyUS.com is the leader in package and mail forwarding. Serving our customers since 1997, MyUS.com has extensive experience in properly servicing international consumers, businesses and expatriates. MyUS.com forwarding services eliminate the difficulties encountered when purchasing from US retailers. In particular: Many US retailers do not ship overseas. Those who do charge too much or take too long to deliver Real US Address MyUS.com provides you with a genuine US street address that is unique to you.

Delia Online

A selection of Delia's recipes. Delia is renowned throughout the UK.

The Cook's Thesaurus

A cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations and suggested substitutions.

In a Pinch Ingredient Substitues (pdf)

This document is provided by New Mexico State University, a 4 page list of ingredient substitutes.

Bundle Box

 USA Mail Forwarding Service for UK & EU.

Duty Calculator

Calculate your import duty in a few quick steps for free


Broadcasting information and stations on the web.


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