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Warmer welcome for foreign talent

A Government scheme to attract foreign entrepreneurs to the UK by opening doors to contacts and streamlining immigration applications is to expand from April.

10 things everyone should know about the UK

A Life in the UK handbook, which will form the basis of the new 'Britishness test' for immigrants who want to become UK citizens, has been published by a government advisory board.

It's hard work being an immigrant, says Germaine Greer

"Holders of foreign passports who have been granted leave to stay in the UK indefinitely have been following the row that threatens to unseat the Home Secretary with particular attention.

Language tops 'Britishness poll'

Speaking English is the most important British characteristic, a survey finds. From the bbc site...

Britain/Great Britain/United Kingdom &c: Some Common Confusions

People often have difficulty in deciding which words to use to describe various geographical and political entities within the geographical area known as the British Isles (including Ireland).


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