September 2015

American TV on the UK Telly - Autumn 2015

Many of our favourite American shows are back with new seasons and a few new shows will be airing as well. Unfortunately, while many of us were looking forward to a launch of AMC UK and watching the Fear the Walking Dead spin-off, they would have been disappointed that the AMC UK channel is exclusive to BT TV/Sport customers.

5 Surprising Facts about Expat Taxes

It’s no secret that filing expat taxes is confusing and few expats know all the laws and rules. But these 5 facts may surprise even the most seasoned tax-filing expat!


An online supermarket, sometimes stocking some of our favourite American groceries.

American Food Store

Importer of a wide range of American Groceries. Not the cheapest prices but it would do in a pinch or fit of desperation.

American Grocery

An online retailer specialising in American imports of grocery products, fairly reasonably priced.

Real Foods

Real Foods sells healthy, natural and organic products, and regularly stocks a number of American products. The have two retail shops in Edinburgh and an online shop with free delivery.


ASDA is a supermarket chain that was acquired by Walmart in 1999. Since then, ASDA has added some American favourites to it's shelves. Visit one near you or shop online for home delivery, lowest prices are guaranteed.

What documents do I need as evidence or proof of relationship?

​Due to the number of fake relationships and marriages that the Home Office has dealt with, they do require evidence that you are truthfully in a relationship. Along with a fiancé or spouse application for a visa, you will need to provide as much of the following evidence as you can:
  • Photos
  • Air Fares
  • Emails
  • Skype/Facetime or other similar app’s chat history
  • Phone Bills
  • Or other types of billing or receipts that can prove that you are
  • ...


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