February 2013

What do US Expat Taxes, PFIC and FATCA have in common?

American expats living abroad have an opportunity to invest in a wide range of investment vehicles. Specifically, the United Kingdom residents have an access to a variety of tax-free collective investments. US citizens and green card holders who have been advised to acquire foreign mutual funds as a part of their investment strategy should be prepared to deal with harsh US expat tax consequences.

Ladee Basset

Poetry book entitled "The Journey Home" by Ladee Basset. 100 Traditional poems written strictly in rhyme and time. These have been written by a Military Brat. Many of these poems cover true life experiences. There are also gift shops created covering poetry, animals, nature, military, slavery.

UK NARIC – Helping you apply to study or work in the UK

If you are applying for a job or a study programme in the UK, but have qualifications from outside the UK, how do you know that you satisfy the necessary requirements? UK NARIC can help you!

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