September 2011

Pickfords International Movers

Pickfords offers a full range of professional removals and storage services for your home and business. Associated with Allied for international moves, and you can reduce your moving costs with Tesco Clubcard points.


Quidco is a popular free website that offers cash back, vouchers and special deals at many popular retailers through their website, or even by checking in to a store via their Android app. This is highly recommended for savings with many retailers and utiliy services. (Friend referral link - get £5 back just for joining)

VOOVit Shipping to USA UK Canada

VOOVit offer international shipping and excess baggage service, shipping to USA, Canada and the UK.

Your Expatriate Tax Return and the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative

What are the IRS’s thoughts on your expatriate tax return?

“Tax secrecy continues to erode. We are not letting up on international tax issues, and more is in the works. For those hiding cash or assets offshore, the time to come in is now. The risk of being caught will only increase.”

- IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman

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UK Yankee is a resource and community for expatriate Americans living in or planning to move to the UK, established in 1999. Please join the discussions in our friendly expat community.